Stranger in a Sari &
Other Sentimental Rants

by DRG

English | Poetry and Short Stories
Book | A5 | 125 pages

First Edition 2016 (Sold Out)
Second Edition 2023 (Digital Only)

“Stranger in a Sari is all about love and what lies underneath of it; the angels, the demons, the pain, the sorrow, the happiness, the joy, the passion, the ecstasy. sometimes it soothes you, elevates you for another level, Sometimes it’s too much, it’s overwhelming, but one thing is certain that there’s no escape from this. we are all bound by love. We look for it, we thrive on it, sometimes we want to get rid of it. but it’s there with us, everywhere, in myriad of different forms and faces.

So with this text, I wanted to show you how I understood this feeling and it’s relationship with the different characters. Ayesha, Romesh, Radhika, Ayesh , Lovina Aponsuwa, Sir Thomas Maitland, Reggie, Natalya & Rozanne, all these characters and all these lines of poetry are testament for that. And my talented photographer Lakmal here also tried to bring his interpretation through his photography which are displayed here. So how successful or not we are in this little endeavor, depends on you. So let us know what you think of all this.”– DRG

“Stranger in a Sari & Other Sentimental Rants” is a collection of poetry and prose written by DRG and then it grew in to a project where a collection of images were also created taking the inspiration of the text by Lakmal Ranasinghe. The book and the images are officially launched on 12th February 2016 at Cafe Mocha by Barista and then released to the open web later.Written by DRG, Photography & retouching by Lakmal Ranasinghe, Event planning and deco by Gihan Karunanayake of “Aithri”, Hosted by Naveen Marasinghe of Mathawaada


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