"Write & Win" writing competiton
1st Edition (Short Stories)
July - August 2020

To encourage amateur writers to horn their craft, Edition 01 of the “Write and Win” writing competition was held during July and August 2020. Short story was the medium that was considered for this inaugural edition from both English and Sinhala languages. Wachana has received more than 150 entries from Sri Lanka and Australia and after a thorough review and rating process, 2 winners from each language selected and 50 stories were shortlisted for the digital short story collection.

"Write & Win" writing competiton
2nd Edition
February - March 2022

After 2 year hiatus, Wachana returned to the writing competition arena with the second edition of “Write & Win” short story competition which was held during February – march 2022 and aptly themed as “Pandemic & love”. The competition has received over 100+ entries from both languages, all across the country and after rigorous evaluation process, the judges selected 1 winner each from each language who took home 10000 LKR worth gift vouchers and another 50+ shortlisted English and Sinhala short stories.