Wachana - Independent Publisher for Alternative Literature

Wachana is a fully independent, not-for-profit publishing brand which focuses on multilingual, alternative literature in Sri Lanka. Our focus is to support first time writers to realize their first publication dream using our own resources. Because of the freedom from financial obligations, we are in unique position to enhance our creativity in execution by experimenting with alternative/radical publication options, marketing strategies etc and the writers have 100% control over how their work portrayed in the final print. The revenue generated from sales will be utilized in doing print reruns, promotions and any excess will be
distributed among writers. At Wachana, the writers own the work they create and if they are ready to move on to a large-scale publisher, they can use their previously published work without any commitments. Because of the not-for-profit nature of the business, Wachana is all about Do It Yourself (DIY) aesthetic and smaller customized, non-profit focus publishing projects with a personal touch. Come and let’s make something beautiful.

Brand Values

No censorship, minimum editorial revisions. We want to create a platform that everybody can express anything regardless of language, ethnicity, social and cultural beliefs, sexuality etc
We always try to experiment with our products and services using new techniques, technologies, and support services.
We are not just a traditional publisher. We work as a consultation agency where each member is provided with a range of services from design consultation to marketing/promotional strategy and execution.